I do not support SOPA/PIPA, but I also don’t feel that it is fair to Exiern/ESCarchive readers (especially readers who live outside the USA) to deny them access to the websites because I want to voice a political opinion. So if you’re curious as to what Dan Standing is doing about SOPA/PIPA you can find out here.

In other news, HELD WITHIN #10 posts in the ESCarchive today! Not only have we met our final main character, but those of you who may be curious as to when some toplessness returns to the strip need wait no more. I’ve also added a HELD WITHIN preview page. Go check it all out in the ESCarchive!

P.S. I saw an inquiry about the type of male nudity that may be appearing in the A+A art. It’s hard to explain, I’ll get some previews up when I can!