When Shi Peng Li offered to do a special piece of art to celebrate Exiern’s unique recent anniversary, how could I possibly say no? Please enjoy the beautiful artwork provided by our talented and hardworking artist!

Honestly, I can’t believe it has been a year since the various batons were finally passed from one creative team to the next. Professionally printed comics seem to have plenty of hiccups getting this done, and for a web original series to try is unheard of! But it has gone as well as I could ever hope, so I cannot stress how much I must thank;

Drowemos, for creating this wonderful world, carrying it as far as he had, and trusting in us to treat it right.

Chemiclord, for having patience during the transition, and sharing with us his wonderful words and story.

Shi Peng Li, who beautifully brings this world to life and brightens my inbox with such great art!

And finally, the readers who were willing to stick it out and have been so willing to let us know what they love, what they think, and what they predict! Your comments each day are the other part of what makes me excited to check my email each day (seriously, I read every comment).

I also know some people hate filler pages, so I’ll leave this up for now and will try and post the next page on Saturday so we don’t fall behind!

Thanks again everyone!