We’re participating in the the first annual Lana’s Sexy Summer Swapmeet!. From August the 1st to 15th of August, Sean Harrington of Spying With Lana will be hosting a special Exiern themed image on Top Webcomics here – (caution NSFW!) and we will be hosting reciprocal images on Top Webcomics with Exiern here and Exiern: Dark Reflections here for the rest of the North American summer (August and September) – both SFW – or at least much safer with no nudity at least but use your discretion depending on your viewing location – the amount of clothing might still be considered … economical).

The incentive for Exiern is done by regular Exiern artist Antipus and the one for Exiern: Dark Reflections is done by Marshall Reeves, current artist on Exiern spin-off Neese and also the webcomic Yesterday Bound which as always is highly recommended by us to check out if you haven’t done so already. Additional thanks to Electric Gecko from Puck for further assistance and as always, Sean Harrington for putting this together in the first place. Anyway, I hope you enjoy what is in effect three new Exiern related images for the month of August!