Over the years, pages have come and gone from the Exiern archive, mainly those which could be described as unrelated or alternate world events if you’re feeling generous and filler if less so. Still, either way the path of publishing Exiern has probably never been as straight a line as most other webcomics.

So, for this month’s Top Webcomics voting incentives, every Monday we’re featuring a page from a three page story that was once in the archives for many years but has long since been removed because it was a bit tangential to the main story for want of a better way to put it (the title of this post may have something to do with the subject matter). So especially if you missed it before, here’s your chance to catch it now.

So, vote for Exiern here each Monday or later of each week this October to see a new page and don’t worry if you missed a page as voting for Exiern: Dark Reflections here will have the previous week’s page. Except for the first month obviously, when Dark Reflections has an image from our stint over on Demon Archives Minerva (Chapter 14 – Pages 1 to 11) that we haven’t used before.

This will be repeated in the final week of voting for Exiern in October 2018. So, every image this month gets two chances and two weeks to be seen all up.