Just in case you’ve missed them up to now, there’s new voting incentives for Exiern here (NSFW!) and Dark Reflections here (SFW). They will swap with each other on the 23rd of January (so the Exiern one will move to Dark Reflections and vice versa along with which one is safe(r) for work than the other – don’t worry, we’ll tag them) before the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2019 images go up on the 14th of February until the end of March (both will definitely be NSFW!).

Anyway, these are a couple of images from the extensive vaults of Exiern history and both commenting to some degree on the perpetual battle with trying to be creative and innovative … and maybe feeling that things aren’t always going as successfully as one might hope as seen through the onetime experiences of Exiern’s creator emeritus Drowemos.