As mentioned on our post marking Exiern’s 14th Anniversary on the 6th of September, Exiern needs to start raising more revenue. Without being overly technical, the quickest and easiest way in theory is to get more readers because the more people reading and the more pages read, the more revenue we make through our advertising optimisation service, you may have already heard of the Ezoic platform which were referred though thanks to Electric Gecko from Puck.

It has increasingly been helping to make up the shortfall that came about from the close from the close of Project Wonderful. So, just the more people genuinely reading Exiern alone will lead to us raising more revenue and help put Exiern on the path to not running at a deficit.

So as one part of our revenue raising strategy, Exiern is featuring a 23 page promotion reintroducing itself to new readers over at TG Comics. It’s a site of a comparable age to Exiern as it also goes back a long way and has a considerable amount of content. Patreon subscribers may already may be aware of the promotion that went up there on the 6th of September.

TG Comics used to be one of the largest sources of referral traffic to Exiern (and yes, the TG stands for exactly what you think it does). The aim of this is to try and regain the levels of referrals from this audience we used to have and bring on board as many new readers as possible.

So, you can either read the promotion with all new art mostly by our returning artist as announced on Friday Studio Katsumi (though you may spy a contribution by another long-term guest artist to Exiern in there) by subscribing to the Patreon for Exiern or going to TG Comics instead.

Now please note that TG Comics does host a lot of adult material and a first visit will lead to an advisory notice to this fact and that you will need to create an account before being able to read anything. There is a Free and Premium content section on this site. Our contribution will be in the Free section but once again, you still need to create an account to read it on their site.

Having read and purchased a substantial amount of both the Free and Premium material (first and foremost for research purposes on how to make Exiern better, of course), I can say that many, many stories within are incredibly well written by a roster of top talent with twists that regularly bamboozle me and in my opinion quite often even go beyond ones I’ve seen by M. Night Shyamalan who is known for the odd one or two of those on occasion in his movies.

Seriously, I am of the opinion that the narrative work on the best of their Free and Premium content is first class and frequently throws the reader for a loop.

But I must stress that even though some material is at the general audience level, there is a lot of explicit adult content as well in many of the stories there rated M and up so please be advised before you proceed. This includes some avatars on the menu pages before a story is selected as well.

So, to re-iterate please be aware of this before visiting in terms of workplace Internet rules and your browser history and also that there is some scenes of upper-body nudity in our contribution as well as main menu pages.

Without any further ado, anyone wishing to see our contribution can proceed by clicking here.

Alternatively, if you prefer you can also see our whole contribution on the Exiern Patreon by subscribing or upgrading your Patreon tier contribution to at present the $5 tier.