The webcomic The Androssian Prophecy has been on an unavoidable extended hiatus but we’re helping out by providing a new image from our talented team of artists for today to go with the announcement that the webcomic is not dead and will be back, we just don’t know when yet.

Click either here or the banner below to see the image!

There is also a new Top Webcomics voting incentive for the Androssian Prophecy which you can see by clicking here but please note it is NSFW.

On the subject of voting incentives, for the month of October voting incentives are by Christopher Snowdon.

Author and artist of the sci-fi horror webcomic The Sprawl, we highly recommend at least checking out the first chapter if nothing else as it’s a really good introduction to The Sprawl and you can do that here.

Please click the banners below to see the Exiern and Dark Reflections voting incentives for October 2019.