Did you know Patreon isn’t the only way to help support the production cost of Exiern? Just viewing the pages on the site can help! A little browse through the Archives does more good than you may realize!

As we mentioned before, you can see the entirety of Mind Games if you sign up to the $5 Patreon tier. However, if that’s not an option right now, you can see it as it publishes at a page per day through this coming Sunday.

Want to see it sooner than that, but can’t do Patreon? Well once again, TG Comics are now featuring it and it does play well on their easy to use display interface. So you can also see the whole thing there for free.

Thanks again to them from us for the huge traffic boost last month that led to the biggest ad and Patreon surge we’ve had since…well, possibly ever! And so much thanks to those of you who read and signed up!

If you do go that route, we also hope you’ll come back and look at the new pages that post on Exiern as well. Like we said, the views and traffic alone can help our costs.

Once again, remember that TG Comics has a wide range of material but this includes adult material, and may be a blocked site depending on where you could potentially access it and may well show up in your browser history depending on how you’ve configured (or not configured) things.

Also, you need to create an account to see even the free-to-read material, though that can be done without identifying detail.

Having said all that, please click here if you want to see the rest of Mind Games now and can meet the above requirements. Once again, please also consider coming back to this site to read it and comment with Exiern’s amazing readers!