There’s two new Top Webcomics voting incentives for the first half of February 2020 here and here.

These will be up until Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February when they’ll be replaced with our yearly Valentine’s Day feature, you should know what that is by now, stay tuned for an announcement on the day!

In the meantime, you can see the Top Webcomics voting incentive archive either here at Comic Fury or the safer for work selected compilation here.

I know we promised some new Dark Reflections free to access updates in January but they unexpectedly got caught up in the site revamp.

The pages are all ready to go for regular updates but we now have to wait for the site upgrade to complete, so we’ve pushed things back to also coincide with February 14th as well, so please watch out for an announcement for that on that day too!

So, not long now, we hope you enjoy everything that’s both here and on its way but expected soon!