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We have a very special surprise for you this week over on Exiern: Dark Reflections where for the next five days starting today, there will be a new page about a puzzling feature of Tiffany’s sword, the Drinking Blade.

A much more sinister counterpart to Typh’s sword the North Wind, something about the Drinking Blade has been perplexing this version of Peonie for some time. The thought having now lodged in the forefront of her mind, she’s finally decided to challenge it head on and put it to the sword itself.

Art by Brett Neufeld of the webcomic Marble Gate Dungeon (slight name change due to the discovery by the creator of a hedge fund called Marblegate). If you haven’t done so already, we hope you consider checking it out!

Click on the image above, the banner below or here to see the beginning of this confrontation starting right now!