Click on this banner to visit the webcomic Lady Valiant!

For April’s Top Webcomics voting incentives, we’re crossing over with the superhero webcomic Lady Valiant!

Team Lady Valiant would also like us to let you all know that they have the best Patreon extras which you can read about here!

Please consider giving the Lady Valiant webcomic and their Patreon a look at the very least!

As done by their artist, get to see some of the Exiern gang as some of the male-turned-female heroes and villains of Lady Valiant (you’re possibly at this point seeing why we might have teamed up with them for this!).

Click the Exiern banner below or here to see Peonie and Typh as the heroes of the Lady Valiant universe, the current Lady Valiant and Turbulance …

… click the Exiern: Dark Reflections banner below or here to see another Peonie and Tiffany as some of the villains of the Lady Valiant universe, Goliath and Outlet.