We’re entering for a third year of Lana’s Sexy Summer Swapmeet! Once again, Sean Harrington of Spying With Lana will be hosting a special Exiern themed image on Top Webcomics here or click the banner above (caution NSFW!) and we will be hosting reciprocal images here and here or click the respective banners below.

This year, in the spirit of doing something different yet again, Sean will be making an image of both Typh from Exiern and Tiffany from Dark Reflections this time. So keep watching Spying With Lana over the month of July as one will go up and then the other for the second half of the month.

Our contributions are once again both by onetime regular Exiern artist Antipus. Special thanks to Sean for captioning our contributions to his event for another year, both of which this time around were based on … let’s say colleagues of Lana’s from the same profession.

As has been ongoing, all past Top Webcomics voting incentives are going to be featured here (SFW – or at least safer – and some omissions) and the Comic Fury mirror here) (some NSFW and no omissions). Almost complete and even more so by the end of the month. Updating weekly for July 2020.