New bonus material courtesy of Team Lady Valiant going up today.

Firstly, a bonus image (but most definitely NSFW) one we unexpectedly got from them with the earlier vote incentives if you click here (remember, NSFW!) from Team Lady Valiant and their artist Xam. There’s be another one of these in a week.

You can also check out the rest of the Top Webcomics archives there as well, almost every since image that’s ever gone up is currently accessible there (and any missing will appear in the near future).

Though please remember there’s some NSFW content there, a safer alternative is the other archive which has just selected SFW-er (relatively speaking at least) images.

Also, some additional bonus material from Team Lady Valiant will be appearing on the Exiern Patreon over the next few days or less so please keep an eye out there. Some of it will be free to access!

Please also consider checking out the Lady Valiant Patreon and you can also visit their webcomic by clicking here or the banner below.

Click here to check out the webcomic Lady Valiant!