Another version of Monday’s page that can be seen either here at the safe for work (SFW) – or at least safer – archive and the complete one which includes past not safe for work (NSFW) images here.

It’s the same image at both, after all, it is still just Clueless! However, the image is slightly different and came about due to a quirk in the production process. Hence its being over at the linked sites and not being the image for Monday.

We’d like your thoughts on which one would have been the better choice in the end (and we could have had a choice had I thought to swap the Thursday image from this week with the Monday one).

You call also see all the SFW (or at least safer) past voting incentives and some bonus images at the SFW archive link and all past voting incentives and other bonus pages at the NSFW mirror at Comic Fury except for the September 2020 voting incentives which will be added in November 2020.