Just seeing if anyone remembers a quite notable line from the 1987 film classic Robocop. Now as for the rest of the title, over the next 30 minutes or so, a project we’ve been working on all year is going to drop on Patreon at the $1 tier.

OK, strictly speaking it’s of a retelling of the start of Exiern: Dark Reflections but it’s all part of our attempts to help promote Exiern overall and ultimately boost our revenue. Which is why it’s also going up at 4pm (American East Coast Time) at TG Comics for free. Thanks again to them for hosting our stories.

However, it is a site which comes with an adult warning (and yes, the TG stands for what you think it does) so your alternative is to see it on Patreon (just $1 due at the end of the month for the whole lot!) and also almost 16 hours earlier! (Please note there will be some NSFW material in the form of nudity.)

It’s also the lead in for some completely new Dark Reflections material, so be back here at 4pm for a follow up announcement about that as well as the specific link at TG Comics to the new Dark Reflections story (or a new retelling at least!).