As promised, here’s the follow up post to the previous one. The retelling of the start of Dark Reflections has been up for about 18 hours at the time of writing on Patreon and all 51 pages are accessible at the $1 tier (it has to be that way due to some NSFW content).

Now one of the main purposes of making it was to help with the promotion of Exiern and to get more traffic to the site. Something we’ll be talking more in the months ahead before the new year.

So, that’s why it’s also just gone live on the website TG Comics. So, alternatively you can see it there for free! Please keep in mind that the TG stands for exactly what you think it does and that it has classified itself as an adult site. There is most definitely NSFW material there.

Anyway, you can see the Dark Reflections promo if you click here (NSFW) – their interface is really good for flicking through the pages – and you can also see our previous effort for Exiern that they hosted last year which is here (NSFW) and which did bring about the largest boost for the Exiern Patreon that we’ve had in years.

This is also to launch the two continuations of Exiern: Dark Reflections beyond Page 44. You can catch up on the original 44 pages of Dark Reflections by clicking the banner below and then choose which path you would like to continue, Zen or Chaos.

We’re currently getting the two different stories set up (so the current updates might seem just a bit familiar) but there will be all new pages for Chaos and pages that might be familiar to Patreon subscribers but new if you weren’t for Zen from the 21st of October.

A subsequent announcement to follow with more detail about that then but in the meantime, if you want to catch up on the Dark Reflections, please click the banner below.

(New information page inserted directly after Page 44!)