As promised, as of the 21st of October 2020, we’ve posted pages for both of the Exiern: Dark Reflections stories that we announced. Zen will be pages from the Patreon $1 tier while Chaos will be all new previously unseen pages made by our current Exiern artist (and original professional artist) Studio Katsumi.

Future updates will be every subsequent Tuesday for Zen and Wednesday for Chaos. So weekly updates for each for as long as we can maintain that schedule. We also intend for there to be additional bonus pages and we’re working on those as we speak. Click the banners below to see more!

Now as for why are we doing this at all? Well, as it’s been mentioned before, Exiern runs at a loss each month and unless we do something additional and different, chances are it’s not going to grow in readership or income. So this is an attempt to do something about that.

It’s also an opportunity to take advantage of some story avenues by adding some additional narrative directions as well as from this branching off point, Chaos and Zen are going to potentially be quite different. We’ve also already been laying the groundwork to tie the narrative reasons for these separate universes across Exiern as a whole for some time now.

Anyway, click the banners below to proceed. Not only to Chaos and Zen but also the additional bonus Exiern artwork archives as well. As a side note, Zen was named after the pen name of the author (namely Zen of course) and Chaos could be seen as the opposite of Zen which is why it was chosen at the time to differentiate it, so I wouldn’t necessarily read too much into it … well, not yet anyway.

Extras includes images and arcs we’ve been experimenting with outside the current narratives that will likely appear later somewhere in many cases and the bonus images include Top Webcomics voting incentives and other artwork not necessarily part of any of the ongoing stories as such (even if they hint at it at times!). We hope you all enjoy all this additional material!