We’ve been acutely aware for some time that the $5 tier on Patreon has been just a bit neglected for a while now so as just the start of the process of making up for that … the special feature for Dark Reflections which is starting as of Monday next week … all ten pages of it are being posted on the Patreon $5 tier today!

If you were a member of the $5 tier that ever paid at that level at anytime in the past and don’t want to rejoin at this time, please get in touch with Scott and we’ll see if we can work out some other way to get this to you in advance of the regular scheduled non-Patreon publication.

Art by our previous regular artist who was going by the professional handle Antipus but is now going under the name Luis XIII. This is just one of the projects that he’s been working on since moving from the main title for the time being. There will be more on the way as soon as possible!