Neese was a side story that ran over 41 pages from December 1st 2014 to November 30th 2018.

Thing is, it wasn’t actually supposed to stop in 2018 or after 41 pages. Anyway, hot on the heels of getting Dark Reflections up and running again on the Patreon, after more than 2 years, we finally have Page 42 up on the $5 Patreon tier!

We’re not stopping there either! There’ll be four more pages also at the $5 tier over the next four days and as every new page is completed after that, it will been posted as soon as possible afterwards to make up for the long delay with no pages!

If you haven’t read Neese at all, click here or the image below to see the first six pages for free! Now made available to all, you don’t even need to be a patron to see this preview!

$1 patrons can now also see Pages 7 to 16 at their tier and all subsequent pages have been uploaded again at the $5 tier in a way that should hopefully be easier to access and read (all published pages immediately accessible to the $5 and above Patreon tiers).

We apologise for the delay and the inconvenience and we hope you’ll join us for the continuation of this story set in the Exiern universe!

Well, one of them at least anyway.