On top discovering quite by chance that Exiern’s Twitter account was also started on the 9th of June (but for real this time) ten years ago – check out Twitter’s meticulous record keeping here – and I guess I should have remembered from last year’s reminder here (I did not) …

… we’re also celebrating all these milestones by publishing the original Exiern pages as written and illustrated by Drowemos!

You can see them by either clicking here, the banner below or the Dark Reflections banner on the right of the screen. One new update a day for over three months, we hope you find them of interest!

After all, not everything made the jump from the original version of Exiern to what’s currently in the archive … at least not yet anyway!

As an added bonus for our 10 year Twitter anniversary/16th birthday celebrations, the next page of Dark Reflections Chaos (Page 85) is our most recent Twitter post if you’re not already getting it through Patreon and would like to look for it!

Yes, we know this says Dark Reflections but it is extra.exiern.com where we do have a lot of the original Dark Reflections pages and bonus artwork supplementing it.