We hoped to avoid this but due to the indirect knock-on effects of the pandemic sweeping the globe, this week’s page for Exiern (Monday) and Dark Reflections: Chaos aren’t going to make their scheduled publication days. The next Neese page has also been swept up in this situation as well.

We’ll do our best to get them both posted this week but if worst comes to worst, we may just have to take a hit for the week and do our best to come back next week.

We’ve been doing pretty well this year with not too much filler and even a few weeks of more than one update a week. So hopefully we can make up any potential deficits soon if they happen.

Anyway, we’ll keep you all posted as to developments. Hopefully this won’t be for too long.

In the meanwhile, there’s still daily updates of the original version of Exiern here at:


Almost 50 images posted already and over 50 to go!