In the never-ending dash for more cash to keep Exiern running, we’re not above stealing ideas from other more financially successful webcomics left, right and centre (though is it really stealing if you ask permission first? We’ll leave that question to the philosophers).

Anyway, as a new feature ultimately destined for the $5 tier (we said we’re always thinking about each of the tiers and what to do for them!), in what I guess technically counts as Exiern’s first crossover with the webcomic Spying With Lana, Sean Harrington (surely needs no introduction by now?) has agreed to help us get started for a reasonable fee (the best kind of exposure is when you’re paid for it!).

He won’t be the long-term artist for this feature (as he has his own webcomic to look after of course!) but after we manage to get the first few of these off the ground, we’re going to open things up to all people in the $5 tier and above to write scripts for submission for these short features.

The ones selected by a panel including Scott and the artists will be made. It’s intended to be an ongoing feature so there’ll be plenty of chances for everyone. I won’t be on the selection panel as my writing sucks.

In other news, the first short for this new feature has had the script already submitted to Sean and was written by me.

More news on how this is all going to work (or will it? – time will tell!) soon!


Shan (Exiern General Manager or whatever)