We’re aiming for the next Exiern update to be Thursday the 4th of November 2021 followed by every Monday from the 8th of November 2021. That’s right, we should be back to Mondays very soon if all goes to plan! (Not like those have ever gone wrong for Exiern ever before …)

Dark Reflections: Chaos is on the verge of returning to Wednesdays as well. Not exactly sure when that’s going to be but highly likely to be some time in November, we’ll keep everyone posted as to exactly when!

Dark Reflections: Zen looks like it’ll continue to publish weekly on Tuesdays for now (we thought me might have had to go on hiatus soon but now apparently not). Any changes in that situation, we’ll let you all know.

Lots more stuff planned on the horizon, hopefully we’ll have news for you all about this soon as well!