[EDIT/UPDATE: This page was originally posted on June 1, 2020. It was rescheduled to today to allow for other matters to be supported. ~STH]

The main story continues on Patreon where you can see the next page right now! However for the next few weeks here on the main site, we’re going to take part of this month to celebrate Exiern’s 15th Anniversary!

However, that gets a bit complicated by the fact that we don’t know exactly when that is. For an introduction that situation, you can read about it here on the first page we’ve ever had done by a Marvel artist.

That’s right, you read that correctly when you saw the word ‘first’. To kick off the celebrations, here’s a work from the second!

Illustrated by Rosi Kämpe, you can check out her webcomic here on Comic Fury or here on Tapas. You can also check out some of her work here on the Marvel website itself.

Prominently featured there is her work on Ghost-Spider, also referred to as many as Spider-Gwen and a character you might have seen in the excellent movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

You might be wondering what’s going on here. Well, that’s to a degree fairly obvious but the context. When I first discovered Exiern about 5 years ago (just a shade before – or after the 10 year mark depending on how you’re counting – like we said, even such things as start dates are complicated here), it was a great time to experience all that story at once. Something you can’t really replicate unless you’re prepared to sit out 10 more years.

However, one thing that I did happen to note was that there was all this character build up leading to this and then especially this so you think the next moment is going to be big … and it is! – the culmination of many years – but for some reason, to me at least it felt like as if there was the … interesting decision to suddenly switch camera angles to a reverse shot – from a reverse angle where even though it’s probably what it looks like, well you can’t actually see for sure, can you? (We had to link to the old site for now but we’ll fix those when we can – also heads up, comments on the old site now don’t translate to the old ones.)

Long story short(er), the opportunity presented itself and with the covers of a romance novel or two to help give an idea of what we’re after, here’s how the scene may well have been presenting itself a little bit further into the future and from a better angle.

Anyway, here we are kicking off the celebrations with some celebrations and please consider checking out Rosi’s work at the following links as well as her Patreon.