Thank you yet again, Werner Herzog. I hear The Mandalorian has been all the rage lately but I haven’t seen it yet. Though quite possibly, neither has he.

Also of course, thank you to Sean Harrington of Spying With Lana who very kindly provided this image and who I’d presume by now his art style is increasingly familiar with our audience. Please consider checking out his work if you haven’t done so already!

Typh decides to take on another job to help with expenses only to find that maybe more has been bitten off than can be readily chewed. It’s not just stunt work and body doubling but actual performing might be required! (This is all totally true by the way!)

OK, we have a few things to take care of which is why the regular story will return on Monday, the 24th of February 2020.

Firstly, the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive is back for another year later this week on Friday and we’ll be participating for our fourth year running (several times in form or another as it happens, so watch out this week for updates). Hence this update instead of a regular story page because we want to give each of those a full week for now.

On the subject of expenses, as we brought up before in our Health and Lifestyle blog, Exiern still costs more to make than it earns. We’ve made some headway in the income department but we’re not at the break-even point yet. Hopefully our novel approach was something other than just asking to give us more money at least. Having said that, at the very least if there’s any ideas in that department from anyone out there, please at the very least leave us a comment in this section.

As for the story itself, the hope is to get the story going along with many less interruptions. It’s never been that these filler pages have been at the expense of a regular story page, among other things they’ve been buying us time in the production schedule. The plan is for that to happen increasingly less going forward. With any luck, we should hopefully reach that point very soon. We’d like to say within the year at the latest. Signs are hopeful! Even better, it’s a realistic prospect that we could eventually get back to more than one update per week. Once again, watch this space in the months ahead. We hope to make this happen as soon as possible and we’re definitely working on it.

If there’s anything anyone would like to add about the direction of the story or any other element, please feel free to make a comment on that too. The story is Scott’s department and he’ll be sure to respond to it.