OK, I know we’ve promised this before, notably here followed by here in 2018 and I even completely forgot about this here leading to here back in 2019 (obviously, we got delayed … so much I confess I forgot I even announced it!) but it’s really finally happening this time!

Not only have websites (please note NSFW!) been set up for both Dark Reflections: Zen and Dark  Reflections: Chaos (admittedly back in February for the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2020, hence the NSFW), several months worth of content is ready (we never forgot to chip away at making the content) and everything is going to be ready for weekly updates by the 14th of October 2020.

Zen will then update on every subsequent Tuesday and Chaos on every subsequent Wednesday.

So, that means a new Exiern page on Monday, a new Zen page on Tuesday (unless you’ve been a patron on Patreon where these pages might just be familiar to you!) and a new Chaos page on Wednesday (even if you’ve been a patron, these will not be – all new material!).

On the subject of new Exiern pages, there will be a new Exiern page on the 12th of October 2020.

That’s not all! On top of everything else,  look out for a very special announcement on the 14th of October and even more content in the form of a very special one-off presentation! It’s all happening here next week!

Thank you for your patience and we’re hopefully making all these past delays up to you very soon!