New story page still coming tomorrow!

If you’re looking for all the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive images, please click the banner below to find out how to get to them.

Just a quick reminder for anyone not yet aware of it and especially anyone new to the site, we have two Dark Reflections title which take the starting premise of an alternate Exiern universe and branch off in two very different directions.

Also, new unedited versions of Dark Reflections Pages 1-44 available at both Dark Reflections Zen and Dark Reflections Chaos.

Pages up to Page 90 of Dark Reflections Zen available on the Patreon $1 tier right now. Currently up to Page 69 on the site. Click the banner to read up to that point now for free (please note, more adult content than the main story).

A whole new story that diverges differently from the common Page 45 with Dark Reflections Chaos.

Also currently up to Page 69.

In addition, there’s also hints of future Chaos storylines in the Gallery section of the Exiern Extras archive if you scroll down to that heading.

Also, there’s the Bonus Images Archive including Dark Reflections Images here as well (please note some NSFW).

Thank you to Brett Neufeld of Marblegate Dungeon for this featured image (one of a series he made for us a long time ago) and Sean Harrington of Spying With Lana for the banners!