A wise man once said “Everything that has a beginning, has an ending.” … or was that the Matrix Trilogy?

Well, here we are at what seems to be the first version of the first page of Exiern that clearly is part of the ongoing story. This post was meant to synchronised with the date this page might have been first posted 15 years ago.

But it turns out I can’t read dates and I went years without noticing the date that made up the name on the file was for the 13th of September 2005. So, this date of the 13th of June is seemingly the anniversary of nothing at all. Furthermore, I seem to have only just registered that the earlier file (which we’ve just remade and published for the previous several days since the 9th of this month) was in a folder labelled along the lines of “Unrelated Files”.

This raises further questions, however. Like how the 13th of September 2005 is after the date that the remade pages currently in the archive are first given? So, presumably they were made afterwards? Also, why is the first page of the remade pages then backdated to the same date as the so-called unrelated page which showed a young man with the best of intentions that no good deed goes unpunished?

While we’re at it, we might as well go all in and ask why was she checking the mail each day? Who could have been writing to her? Why does she have a doorbell if that’s what’s going to happen to anyone who rings it? How do the utilities and the rates get paid? What does the Home Owner’s Association have to say about this?

Well, anyway, please enjoy the first ever clearly connected to the story page of Exiern. I think. I could be wrong, I’ve clearly been wrong before including most recently several times this week.

We’ve clearly come a long way with going from what I think could be MS Paint (I think one set of these pages we got was in a folder labelled MS Paint but you can probably see why I’m wary of committing) to now even having a couple of pages made by artists who have done work for Marvel Comics!

So, Exiern has come a long way in fifteen years (… give or take). Now that’s the beginning stumbled, through now how about the ending since we brought it up? Well, hopefully that’s a long way off but if history’s anything to go by, once again that’s probably not going to be straight forward either.

That’s a good thing, though right? Both being a long way away and not the usual credits roll or even just that an a post-credit sequence? I have the feeling it’s going to be neither when the time comes.

And as for the ending of these anniversary celebrations … the answer to that question is that we’ll see you tomorrow!