Continuing our celebratory theme for the last couple of weeks or so, you might think even if we couldn’t specifically pin down Exiern’s start date, we would least know many pages there were.

Well, about that …

Exiern’s possibly around the thousand story page mark by now but we’re not entirely sure when that’s happened and to be entirely honest, we can’t even absolutely guarantee even if that’s happened yet.

There’s certainly a debate to be had about the status of the Filler pages and there’s also pages which have gone in and then out of the archive over the years.

But those have all been not part of the main story (for those of you who remember those), right? Well, I’ve certainly found at least one page in the huge online file storage I’d never seen before which looks like it could have been part of and put back into the main storyline somewhere (from what I remember, it seem a lot like Typh, Teresa and Peonie in the market for new underwear and even trying some out … can’t seem to find it again but I’m quite sure I didn’t imagine it either!).

There’s also pages like this that I only found out about because of TV Tropes (careful entering that site lest you get lost for days … hence I won’t link) which had me stumbling on this page that might only recently been rendered not directly accessible due to site reorganisation as I used to be able to go to it directly from the TV Tropes link. Who knows what else was buried in the site?

That, along with the loss of contact with the original artist, the accidental rediscovery of them years later but not their copies of the original images, other images that look like they made them but they don’t remember and various pages made up to years ago which even though non-canon have to be sat on for now (some for years now) because I accidentally stumbled on a future plot point and so we have to wait … well, there’s probably some metaphor about building and rebuilding sandcastles as well as the effect of the tides which might apply here.

Then there’s the time I was looking through Amazon of all places (almost five years ago when I first discovered this webcomic) and look what I found there. There was even more with the Surprise Me! feature when you logged in to see more preview pages (like a cast page which revealed Ce’s name was short for Cedric of all things). You can’t seem to do that now but luckily I saved a copy of what else I found back then too which you can see after all this text.

Well, how about that? It was certainly something I’d never seen before (or still nowhere near fully as far as I know) or even knew existed until I tripped over it in the most unlikely of places. Who knows what else is out there somewhere? (For yet another example, a complete set of the first original pages of which we’ve covered a few had to be compiled from a few different sources.)

Suffice to say, it seems like nothing’s straightforward about Exiern, is it?

The more I think about it, the more we probably haven’t hit 1000 story pages just yet. However, now seems as good a time as any to mark the occasion given we’ve been marking a start date that seems to have not actually happened just yet either the more we look into it (plus also I clearly can’t read dates). So a big thank you to everyone who helped get Exiern this far past and present and congratulations to Exiern on reaching 1000 story pages. Whenever that was. Or will be.