For Halloween this year, we have three of the main characters from Exiern as different characters from the Half-Life video game series.

So I can confirm them as the Half-Life Three for this year’s Halloween special.

I’ll show myself out.

I don’t believe I brought a coat.

From left to right:

We have Typh as MIT graduate and PhD holder in theoretical physics Gordon Freeman from the original Half-Life and from the game expansions, we have Peonie as U.S. Marine Adrian Shephard from Opposing Force and Denver as security guard Barney Calhoun from Blue Shift.

As it happens, Gabe Newell who is president and co-founder of Valve (the company that created Half-Life) has been in New Zealand for quite some time now due to the present global situation and is now applying for residency there. Those of us there or adjacent at least should consider a deal where an exchange could be arranged for Half-Life 3 being completed.

After all, there can sometimes be nothing more frustrating than a story that has now been lacking a continuation for so long now to the point where it’s turned into such a long running gag and meme (the team here at Exiern surely aren’t alluding to anything or nervously looking at each other at all … though I guess there’s currently no danger of us suspending the story due to our other ventures being so spectacularly profitable!).

Shades of Neon Genesis Evangelion perhaps (which we’ve also recently covered). That story supposedly finally has a conclusion (its latest one that is – since originally starting all the way back in 1995) all set to go after being originally expected many years earlier but just needs a safe place and time to be shown. Story of this year, really isn’t it?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy our tribute to a game series that was a great source of enjoyment to me since it came out back in 1998. The next Exiern main storyline update will still be as scheduled this coming Monday, the 2nd of November 2020.

This year’s Halloween special was brought to us by Marshall Reeves of the webcomic Yesterday Bound for yet another year. Please consider checking out his webcomic if you haven’t done so already. I can see the appeal of heading back to yesterday given this year as well!

Thank you yet again Marshall and if you would like to see his previous Halloween contributions, you can do so at the links below:

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