Well, that was quite a year, wasn’t it? Going by our special at the start of 2020 being full of optimism for the year ahead and ending the year with Typh and Peonie being chased by a pack of monkeys just about sums things up really.

All our regular and even guest artists were either completely spent, on holiday or both. Luckily a new guest artist was able to help us out. Special thanks to Tom Reynolds who was able to provide a New Year’s Day special image for us.

This is from his great series Maiden King, a story where in an attempt to save an important royal figure, some magic ends up not working as intended, not that we’d know anything about that.

You can read part one by clicking here (but please note that even though the content is for general audiences, it’s hosted on TG Comics which would likely be classed as a much more adult site – please keep that in mind before you click the link).

It’s actually quite a different direction to Exiern as it happens if anyone’s worried about history repeating itself too much. We’ll work on alternative ways to make accessible Part 1 for people who don’t want to go that route as well if we can.

Parts 2 and 3 are on Tom’s Patreon (and slightly more adult mainly in the dialogue than Part 1) at the $10 level and Parts 4 and 5 are coming soon! You also get access to the huge library of stories at Tom’s Patreon of which this is just one of very many!

You can get to Tom’s Patreon by clicking here or the image below (one of his previous attempts at making an image for us – he put a lot of work into it because he wanted to get it as good as possible), so please consider having a look at his Patreon page even if you ultimately don’t sign up at any of his available levels, we think it’s well worth a look at least!

We hopefully will see you next Monday for an update about our plans for the year ahead (Exiern’s 16th!).