A quick update, production has restarted and new pages are in the draft stage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we can bring the resumption of the story back any sooner than Monday the 12th October 2020. Unavoidable, though but we’re still very sorry about that.

Though we hope to bring to you all in the next seven days a massive project we’ve been working on for most of this year that just managed to be effectively completed before the latest production interruption. We just don’t quite know when yet so please keep watching the announcements section for news on that one. We also hope it marks the start of another ongoing enterprise in the Exiern universe, so please watch … the space below this space.

This image was made for us by regular guest artist Marshall Reeves of the webcomic Yesterday Bound. Please consider checking it out if you haven’t done so already. It’s to mark the 25th Anniversary of the premiere on Japanese television of the TV series Neon Genesis Evangelion (though the Japanese title Shin Seiki Evangelion – better translates as New Century Evangelion – which makes sense given the event that first triggered the story – Second Impact – happened in 2000).

I originally saw the saw courtesy of one of our Australian government TV stations, SBS (The Special Broadcasting Service) which has for many decades brought us programming from all over the world. After the original series ending (and which we used to watch a lot on video), due to the esoteric ending possibly being a bit too out there even for Japanese audiences, it was kind of redone as a new episode 25 and 26 in the form of The End of Evangelion (though there’s a strong argument that it happened in parallel to the original version). I still remember buying it on disc with no English subtitles (had at least two different Chinese sets, I think) and watching it while also reading along with a printout of a translation in English. 1999, those were the pre-Youtube days.

Then came the Rebuild of Evangelion film series (always watch out for things with End in the title!). It could be a reboot … though once again, there’s a strong argument it’s actually a sequel to the original TV Series too. I saw the first one in the cinema in Japan back in 2007. No subtitles but I don’t think it would have helped all that much, this has always been … an interesting series to follow. Anyway, it did track fairly close to the original episodes, so that did help with understanding what was going on … well, as much as it ever can with this weird, wonderful series. Then of course, subsequent movies veered ever increasingly off the path of the original series.

The relevance of all of this to Exiern? Well, the series has been the source of a lot of inspiration in many ways in a general sense at least (we’re probably never going to have as many giant robots, though) insofar as managing to keep going despite all obstacles in its path as well as taking the original idea and coming back to it in exciting new directions. We could only hope to be anywhere near as successful, though at least we’re still in the running for the longevity department. Exiern also coincidentally matches the story trajectory insofar as it does start off more comedic (though there was a lurking undercurrent from the start) before turning into something much more serious.

Also, it was one of the many things I’ve liked which I was hoping to acknowledge this year (a lot of significant anniversaries did happen to fall in 2020!) and coupled with the year we’ve all had, turns out we’ve needed a lot of them to help us keep publishing something each week. I know ideally at the very least, one new main story page a week was our preferred option but as I’m sure you all know, this year has thrown so many plans for just about everyone into turmoil in a big way.

As for this image, it was originally made for June the 27th 2020 which was going to be the release in Japan of the long awaiting final movie in the series (like I said, that first movie was all the way back in 2007!). I was looking at even going to Japan again and on top of catching up with friends, I was going to see this film. Of course we all know what happened next. The release was postponed and also, no-one’s going anywhere anyway (especially out of Australia, for the best part we’re still not allowed). So, it’s been moved to the day 25 years later to the day (so we at least hit an actual anniversary for once!) for when it all began. I thought there’s some Exiern characters that shared at least some attributes with the ones from the show (as well as some interpersonal dynamics!) – and could also look good in some skintight jumpsuits while they’re at it.

Finally, we may not be able to see the final film anywhere for now and who knows for how long but there is this from a promotion in Paris, the first 10 minutes or so and with subtitles in English too! I’m sure it’s ultimately leading somewhere worth the journey and we hope we’re also managing the same final goal with Exiern’s journey as well. We also hope to reach the End of Exiern one day too and make it a satisfying one at that! (We always live in hope that we can keep going one step and one image at a time).

Thank you to everyone who’s stuck with us for all these years!