Did you know that September 23rd is Celebrate Bisexuality Day? Well, turns out it is and on this day, we’re concluding the third arc of A Slug Penny Vs. Something Questionable with a very special bonus page!

Art by Sean Harrington of Spying With Lana (we must be all getting familiar with his art style by now and please consider checking out his webcomic if you haven’t done so already!).

Another fantastic job as always where he’s also cunningly worked in the colours of the Bisexual Pride Flag into the image as well!

Where there’s that person in your social circle who’s somehow there despite nobody liking them but you feel obliged to invite him to your big day because it might not have happened if it hadn’t been for him even if he didn’t plan that outcome with his tomfoolery.

Luckily your father has some friends from his combination motorcycle and bowling club available to make sure everyone (and one person in particular especially given their track record to date!) behave themselves.

Of course there’s more friends and family around but everyone’s either being responsibly separated (and hence couldn’t fit into this shot) or appropriately shielding their airways (or probably not even needing to breathe anyway for all we know – or tall enough to be distant enough in the vertical plane too while we’re at it).

Believe it or not, this also will be significant not just in a What If? sort of way too one day!

Catch the lead up to all this in the archives here where if things had been different, they would have turned out … differently, I guess?

A Slug Penny Vs. Something Questionable

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A Slug Penny Vs. Something Questionable 3 – Parabellum

The next update will be on Monday, September the 28th 2020.

We apologise for the delays in the main story but we kid you not, it was a combination of illness and ransomware attacks has thrown production for a loop. We’re still looking at a resumption of the main story on October 12th 2020 and we thank you for your patience.

Some good news, as mentioned before there was another big Exiern project in the pipeline and that will be dropping much sooner in early October, so we’re hoping you can bear with us just a bit longer, there will be a huge amount of new content well beyond that of the average weekly update! Also, we’re continually working towards the day where we can get to uninterrupted weekly updates and then even more than that, the ultimate goal is multiple updates a week. We’re closer now with a number of things we’ve promised even with this current unexpected interruption to regular service.

Hopefully we’ll see you again on Monday for another returning guest artist!