Sorry about this but there’s an unforeseen delay with upcoming pages which we’re hoping to rectify and make up for as soon as possible!

In the interim, we have some exciting news which we hopes help make up for this delay somewhat. After almost a decade and a half away, Master Krakken has returned to the Exiern universe!

You may best know him from Dark Reflections pages 11-44 which are here (edited) as well as unedited here and here (and Dark Reflections: Zen and Dark Reflections: Chaos). Those pages are the same set of the images at Zen and Chaos but if you haven’t read them yet, they diverge into two separate stories directly beyond his section.

Anyway, here’s a brief moment of calm before what we hope will be an explosion of new content!

I’m pretty sure our leads are just sitting on a white floor and that’s their resulting shadows (I mean that’s how I described it) but seeing it now, it does look like they’re levitating above the floor, doesn’t it?

We promise that we’ll have the next page up as quickly as we can as well as making up any time we might be falling behind at the moment.