Well, I may not have gotten the date right nor the number of pages but the key thing is that not only will Exiern be 15 years old sometime this year and definitely pass the 1000 page within the next two at the latest.

The celebrations of Exiern being right here as of right now are officially over and regular page updates should start from next week (though if you wish to skip ahead a few pages, there is the $1 tier on Patreon), though there will be a few more events marked in the subsequent weeks.

For starters, it’s the 50th Anniversary of this book going by the copyright date of 1970. Ring any bells?

Definitely had to have it when I found it for sale on Amazon and it’s everything the title promised and more! It’s for reference purposes of course. We’re going to have to cover this some more at some point!

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed our run of daily updates, we promise it wasn’t just delaying the main story for the sake of it but we’re using the time to reorganise the production of the main story and the website overall.

Well, that’s it for official 15th Anniversary of Exiern celebrations but there’ll be more updates this week. Now it’s time to go out on an appropriate musical cue where the dates are off as the universe is only about 14 billions years old. Well, our one is anyway! As for Exiern … once again who knows?