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We kept the Rxiern life advice as short and simple as possible because even though there’s literally thousands upon thousands of money saving ideas, it’s not terribly practical to keep track of them all right out of the gate.

So even though these bonus pages were originally inspired by mattresses, it’s not really about mattresses. In this case mattresses are being used to illustrate the multitude of ways we’re actually being separated from our money in greater quantities than we really should be but quite possibly never even knew to think about.

Plus, it was a chance to do another gag featuring the gang, of course.

So without any further ado, here’s an article about price fixing and mattress cartels in Australia and the take home lesson here is to in general think about all the areas we can save money. Cutting excess unnecessary spending is potentially a greater opportunity to raise money than trying to boost income.

I admit it can seem quite deflating that our corporate overlords are trying to find increasing numbers of way to separate us from as much of our cash as possible (take the global dominance of one company who seems to have the world’s supply of sunglasses all but locked up as one example) as per one of many examples in this article.

However, I guess our objective here is to make us think about every facet of our spending and seeing how we can improve and save on it. The amounts might surprise us!

… and then we hope even an extra dollar or so can be kicked our way to help us make Exiern.

At the very least, we hope to have a discussion about the future of Exiern and what your ideas are about everything from the direction to the funding going forwards.

And in the meantime, if you’re in Australia and you want a cheaper mattress from someone who’s come along to disrupt the industry with some cartel busting and 120 days free trial (at the time of writing) to boot, well you could at least consider giving these guys a look at

We have in no way been asked for an endorsement, just happened to stumble across their ads like I stumbled across the entirety of the secret world of Australian mattresses …

Anyway, we hoped you enjoyed this tongue in cheek approach to trying to start a discussion about the future of Exiern and also a not-in-any-way stalling to buy time for the artist changeover which couldn’t happen straight away because of other projects you’ll be seeing soon already in progress.

We were hoping the sheer volume of content at least kept you distracted if nothing else. We also promise we were at least trying to make it good or at least adequate, too!

Regular story pages start again on Monday, the 13th of January 2020 but before then, there’s one more bonus page for Sunday to go (there might just have been a hint of that in the title for this one).

We hope to see you then, then!