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As a logical progression from resharpening your razors, the obvious next step would be looking at potentially cheaper alternatives to brand name shaving cream.

We’re going to throw this one out to the audience as there’s different views about what you should put on your face or legs depending on where you look.

For example, yes you can use soap versus no you cannot use soap.

You can apparently also use peanut butter or honey but I’d rather eat the peanut butter or honey. Plus, you end up smelling like peanut butter or honey, so I’m going to look at the other items on the list first.

Anyway, I’m sure there’s cheaper alternatives than the brand name specifically marketed items but since in practice the effects can vary on your skin and maybe not in a good way, has anyone in our audience out there got any ideas on what might work best or from experience has worked best for them?

If you want to read a more detailed explanation about what we’re really up to, you can read it in the text here and here.

Our series on asking our audience their ideas on how we can raise more money to help make Exiern under the guise of money saving ideas for them continues here tomorrow!