In the beginning as some of you may know, Exiern was both written and drawn by its creator Drowemos. Now I think those pages might have gone through a period of time of being lost and then found again but between cross referencing multiple different sources, it looks like we were able to put a complete set before it was rebooted by Studio Boom (now Studio Katsumi, our once and present artist).

You can see those by going back to the start of the story, though once again as some of you know, not everything from this original version made the cut.

Presented below is the first page as given by the several sets of files retrieved and seemingly confirmed by being the first of the files in the same naming format (seemingly by date – 20050906) as the rest of the set.

… and would you believe I’ve only just noticed after all these years  and while writing this, I’ve been misreading the date format because I’m used to Day/Month/Year as opposed to the US Month/Day/Year and the subsequent original files seem to back that up as the next one is 20050913 … Oh hell (so that’s the title page all dated wrong too then).

On the other hand, that raises another whole set of questions as those dates overlap with the rebooted pages by Studio Boom/Katsumi as the first of those is also dated the 6th of September 2005. As far as I knew, Drowemos made the original version of the comic and then the rebooted pages were made later that the original ones. Maybe he backdated them? I really should have just asked him, shouldn’t I?

Well, the resulting total confusion still fits with the theme of the whole history and ongoing production of this webcomic so I guess we’ll just keep going with the new page every day anniversary special which I now realise isn’t actually happening on a significant date related to Exiern at all! … probably …

However, since we’re here now anyway … without further ado, for those of you who haven’t seen it, we bring you what might have been published as the original first ever page of Exiern – whenever that was.

… yeah, I should have just written and asked Drowemos about this too. Like the title of this page says …




Feel free to add your own below, we can ask those as well.

As you can see with the image up top for this page, we’re rebooting this one too over the next few days no less. There’s a new page every day and then on the 13th of June 2020, we’re covering the (we think) second ever Exiern page (perhaps) on that day because I clearly can’t read American dates.