I’m going to get Niels points for that, aren’t I?

Special thanks to Oglaf who have given us permission to base some pages on one of theirs as part of one of our stealth promotional efforts! Click on the banner to see what we’re specifically referencing. Please note, Oglaf is a NSFW site so please keep this in mind before clicking the link.

Sometimes it pays to have some less adventurous and less experimental friends like Niels and Bohr.

That concludes this year’s Christmas adventure, fortunately without it ending in tragedy! This is the safer for work version of the image. The NSFW versions of this page and the next two will be both posted to Patreon and also the bonus images archive described below.

So, as has been tradition for a few years now we’ve run some bonus pages for the holiday season with more to come. Pages we’ve found from the archives from long ago for the holidays over on Dark Reflections: Extras and of course if you haven’t checked out Dark Reflections: Zen and Dark Reflections: Chaos, those have both been updating weekly as well! Then of course, don’t forget about our bonus images archive! Click on the links or the banners below to see!

We’re going to take a couple of days off before returning with new bonus art on the 30th of December. We hope you’re having a great Christmas (and will have a great holiday season)!

Art by Studio Katsumi (of course!).

Regular story pages for Exiern to resume next month once our regular artists have had a chance to have a break as they’ve been very busy! Don’t worry, there’ll be lots of frequent new content between now and then!