Most definitely Not Safe for Work! (Most of the time, anyway …)

We have a very special guest star today, probably one of the most regular if not the most regular recurring character Grier from the webcomic Oglaf. Though in the interests of truth in advertising, Oglaf is more individual vignettes than anything else as opposed to other webcomics we could mention (like ourselves). Even Grier doesn’t appear that frequently.

On the upside, you can just dive right in just about anywhere you like without having to worry about any complicated backstory or lore! (Yes, we’re increasingly guilty as charged but that’s what you like about us right?).

The art as you might recognise is of course from our artist Studio Katsumi and was part of our attempt to convince the team behind Oglaf to join this year’s Valentine’s Day Sex Drive. Didn’t work out in time for this year but hopefully in the future!

However, they very kindly allowed us to use this image and though technically this page is categorised under Filler, it does allow us to make an announcement that Exiern will be returning to the regular storyline next Monday but if you want to get a few pages ahead, there’s also the Exiern Patreon.

So please consider checking out Oglaf if you haven’t already by clicking here or the banner above but please note, most pages are definitely NSFW!

As an added bonus on the Exiern Patreon, you can also get to see another picture of Grier of the kind Oglaf can host on their main page but we can’t if you know what we mean 🙂 …