The most recent main story page from this Monday is here.

So, this was originally the page planned and commissioned for yesterday but my planning wasn’t up to the job. As it happened, it was my fault for not keeping up to date on its progress or supplying all the information needed to the artist to have it ready for midnight on the 17th of December 2020. However, as it happened, the artist (Sean Harrington of Spying With Lana again of course!) had it ready and to me before 2:30am American East Coast time on that day, so it really could have been up on the 10th Anniversary of Tron Legacy.

However, I actually think it worked out for the best as we now get to showcase two Tron Legacy images in two days both made almost five years apart (the first one was yesterday). Not only is it based on one of the original Tron Legacy posters, it’s also a nod to Tech Exiern – one of the many What Ifs of the Exiern universe (or more accurately universes!).

The original appearance of Tech Exiern you can see here which like Dark Reflections, We’d love to do more with it one day but it’s probably for the best to concentrate on just Dark Reflections (which somehow turned into a plural along the way!). Lots of links to click on from the banners below with plenty of alternate universe Exiern content and bonus art! Especially if you haven’t seen it before!

I hope you all enjoyed our two images marking the 10 year anniversary of Tron Legacy!

Next main story page will be Monday, the 21st of December 2020.