The current global situation has even reached the edges of the world of Exiern with everyone ensconced in their homes more than not these days as well as the usual order of priorities upended just a little.

The long and short of it, our regular artist Studio Katsumi needs just a bit more time for this week’s story page as well as readjusting to make the weekly production schedule beyond that. We hope we can still keep putting up new material at least weekly and keep advancing the story, of course.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy a further teaser of one of our upcoming projects by Feori from the webcomic The Great Isle of Prentil.

I’d think we’d all agree Typh could benefit from talking things out with the appropriately skilled person on occasion (sorry Peonie!). Hopefully the situation hasn’t yet reached this point and sufficiently professional help has arrived in time!

If you’re able to help out our regular artist (every bit helps!), his Patreon is here and also our guest artist for this week’s Patreon is here.