Our artist needs a little more time with the next page, so for today we have a preview of something we’ve been working on for a while which is bringing some Exiern stories to life via the medium of 3-D computer graphics.

This was made for us by Feori of the webcomic The Great Isle of Prentil (please consider checking it out if you can) and there’ll definitely be a lot more of this in the future.

Oh yes, also a reminder that Typh is the middle of overthrowing some of the established order with some planned professional murder, that’s the other revolution going on at the moment. You may know the name of this post as taken from this famous work of art.

Neither revolution will be televised because as far as we know, the world of Exiern doesn’t have television. Though you never know with the king, he’s always up to something.

Please check back in later this week as there’s going to be multiple updates.

Hope everyone’s safe out there, best wishes everyone.