Well, in this case I’d like to think it’s pretty obvious who the villain of the piece is! Hard to believe it’s been so long since this film came out (hard to believe it’s so long since any of the things we’ve done anniversary specials for have come out!). I thought this one would be an especially fun one for the Exiern crew to take part in!

Art by Luis XIII (formerly Antipus) and captions by Sean Harrington of Spying With Lana.

There’s one more image for tomorrow to cap off 2020 and of course there’ll be a New Year’s Day special. There’s also been new Dark Reflections: Zen (for those who never saw them on Patreon) and Dark Reflections: Chaos (new for everyone!) pages every week to date which you can check out by clicking the banners below. There’s also a caption free version of this image over on the bonus images archive.

Regular story pages for Exiern to resume next month once our regular artists have had a chance to make it, they’re working on it now! Don’t worry, there’s still a lot more new content between now and then!