It was in between this day 20 years ago that the first X-Men movie premiered (on the 12th of July 2000 at Ellis Island – especially fitting given Typh once played the Statue of Liberty, where the climax of the film happened and the 14th of July 2000 for the US generally). We have actually covered the series before here (we’ll fix the image for the actual page with comments and the other links when the archive is completely restored on – the accompanying text is still intact).

One of the many films that undoubtedly helped lead the way to the MCU, it wasn’t the smoothest of productions in the beginning with face of the series Hugh Jackman not even being cast until about 3 weeks into said production. Somehow it all worked out in the end, though – for the best part at least.

Anyway, here we are at the other end of the series twenty years later since Fox was sold to Disney. The last film of the Fox Studios X-Men universe of films is still in limbo but might finally still be coming out this year. You could argue Exiern’s production history could relate with it also not quite being the straightest of lines.

So, without further ado here’s the gang’s take on one of the promotional stills from New Mutants which you can see here and it’s also our roundabout way of trying to say we’re going to move onto a much smoother and more orderly release schedule from next year. Well, we have all the best intentions of doing so but we really mean it and we’re really determined this time! Typh especially seems to suit that pose given there’s undoubtedly always something going on to be annoyed about in their case if history is anything to go by.

It was meant to be this year (in kind of the same way New Mutants was already supposed to be long since out by now) and I know we’ve been saying a lot of things for years now but we honestly are redoubling our efforts to try and get as many of the things we promised up and running by the start of 2021. Including less interruptions being at the top of the agenda but we still just need to buy a bit more time here and there this year.

2020 was supposed to be the year all that happened but … well, you all know what happened. If you want to see what’s happening beyond this page, the next two are on Patreon the $1 tier with a subsequent third one scheduled to join them any moment.

We hope you enjoy this image and things to come as we try our best to clear the decks of all the things we’ve been meaning to sort out for a while now (and I won’t deny there’s a few more anniversaries and announcements over the rest of this year too but all in the service of finally getting Exiern where we’ve been hoping to get it for a while now).