Next site update will be Sunday the 14th of February for the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2021. The seventeenth year of the event and the fifth consecutive year of our participation since we first took part in 2017.

Next story page won’t be until Monday the 22nd of February 2021 on the site but the Patreon will get it earlier.

We’ll be using the opportunity for the artist to both have more time between completion of the latest story page and the time of publication as well as to complete our numerous contributions to the VDSD for this year.

We apologise for the inconvenience and we aim to have increasingly fewer interruptions to the regular update schedule going forwards.

There won’t be an update of the rebooted story pages on February 14th as the space below the image is going to be quite crowded as it is with VDSD material on that day. Hopefully we will see you next Sunday!

Click on the image or at the link to see Musical Vengeance (Rebooted)

This is the sixth of twenty rebooted pages with new ones being added with every new page update.