Faden as always getting it and not getting it all at the same time.

New Dark Reflections image up here if you want to find out more about those statues.

Faden did have a point that if Emma Frost could do this and Azazel could do this then this level of complexity was probably not necessary especially given Apocalypse went on to do this.

(I’m fairly certain I thought of this independently and didn’t get this from the excellent Pitch Meeting series by the very talented Ryan George – be warned it’s quite the time sink if you get caught by these but I can’t rule it in or out after all this time.)

We like this and the also excellent How It Should Have Ended bring these points up not to criticise but the reverse, to show how much we enjoyed these films in demonstrating how we were interested enough to engage, analyse and think about them long after we first saw them. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I can’t rule out Faden was just being a jerk here either.)

I’d been planning this page for a while but only just remembered that Dark Phoenix (or as we know it outside the US as X-Men: Dark Phoenix) was coming out this week and I hadn’t got it made yet and that it was only fair that if we did not one but two Avengers movie specials, we should also recognise the almost two decades of X-Men films that had their part in the superhero film renaissance, Faden’s evil through pedantry and Typh channelling his evil impulses through trolling his friends at the cinema.

Undoubtedly they also helped contribute to the current success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe given that its now supremo Kevin Feige cut his teeth as a producer on many Fox films including a number of the X-Men films from the very beginning of the series.

So, Marshall Reeves (of the webcomic Yesterday Bound which I’m sure you all know by now) once again put in some very hard work – at quite short notice this time to produce this excellent piece of work. Deficiencies in the text due to the speed they were generated and still missed are all on me and cropped up in the first place for some reason.

I hope you enjoy our recognition of what will probably be two decades of X-Men films (the long in limbo New Mutants might finally get a cinema release in 2020) on the day of the premiere of a second run at the much celebrated X-Men comic storyline (and my earliest memory of X-Men comics), the Dark Phoenix storyline.

See you next Monday for a new page and a very important message to all readers.