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This image is actually on time for the 10th Anniversary of the US release of the many decades later release of the sequel to Tron – Tron Legacy (a film I remember seeing long after its 1982 release in a cinema in Sri Lanka where across the street the marquee was advertising Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo – the pre-Internet release schedule was harsh, we’d often get films 10 years later or more and a lot of the time, the films we’d get weren’t exactly award winners by any stretch of the imagination!). Tron Legacy was also notably remembered for its stellar Daft Punk soundtrack. All in all, a film I quite enjoyed and saw twice on what was the world’s largest iMax screen in Sydney (now in the process of being replaced with in an even bigger screen, I believe!).

This image was actually made almost five years ago by Sean Harrington of the webcomic Spying With Lana and if it wasn’t the first thing I ever asked him to make, it was close to it back from when I would get for all intents and purposes Exiern fan fiction made which often only got seen by the person who made it and Scott. I always thought Dark Reflections had potential and deserved more attention. Of course things are now a bit different where I’m in a position to do a bit more about that and have started to do so!

Anyway, we’ve been very conscious of both the pace of the story updates and the effect of deviating from it with updates like this and I know it keeps being said but we’re hoping to fix both issues as soon as we can. Early next year is the hope but course, 2020 has thrown a lot of people’s plans out of alignment, especially our artists.

In the interim, as it happens there is a lot of new Dark Reflections content. So if you haven’t already seen them or our bonus images archive (Top Webcomics images plus some others), please consider clicking on the banners below! (Also kindly made for us from existing art by Sean!)

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